Parchi divertimento sul Lago di Garda

Amusement parks on Lake Garda

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The Lake Garda area is rich in possibilities for those in search of a destination to spend days with family or friends in pure enjoyment. In the summer, in fact, the amazing amusement parks, including refreshing water parks with slides and swimming pools, will welcome you with open arms.

Are you looking for some fun and adventure? Then here are the best amusement parks on Lake Garda.

The best amusement parks on Lake Garda:


We can only begin this list with Gardaland, the largest and most famous amusement park in Italy, which attracts countless visitors from all over Europe every year.

It is located in Castelnuovo del Garda (between Lazise and Peschiera), on the Verona side of the lake. Inside this amazing park you will find many attractions that will satisfy your every need: roller coasters, free-fall towers, water rides, dark rides, as well as beautiful play areas, merry-go-rounds and panoramic rides. Every year the park’s offer is expanded with the regular addition of new original attractions or attractions linked to popular brands such as Kung Fu Panda, Jumanji or Peppa Pig.

Raptor, Fuga da Atlantide (Escape from Atlantis), Mammoth, the 4D Cinema, the Volaplano (Volaplane)… Gardaland guarantees fun for young and old alike, all within its evocative themed areas, where attention has been paid to the smallest details, such as the one dedicated to pirates, the medieval one, the western one or the one of the fantastic world of Prezzemolo, the iconic mascot.

Given the vastness of the park and the large number of attractions it offers, Gardaland has no less than four themed hotels for those who want to stay for several days inside this magical world.

Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium

This enchanting aquarium is part of the Gardaland family. The Sea Life experience will take you on a wonderful journey of discovery of aquatic creatures, from those native to the Garda area to the more exotic and mysterious ones. The evocative themed areas of the aquarium (among which the Ocean Tunnel stands out) host no less than 40 tanks containing over 5,000 specimens belonging to about 100 different species: seahorses, sharks, octopuses, clownfish, sea lions and many more.

The visit is enriched by interactive activities all along the way, with which the little ones can have fun and learn.

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Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park is a water park located inside Gardaland that offers a unique experience combining water fun with the famous Lego bricks, creating an engaging atmosphere for the whole family.

Inside the park, visitors can enjoy a variety of themed attractions, interactive water games, colourful slides and relaxation areas. Children can explore and bring their Lego constructions to life, while parents can relax and have fun with them. The park also offers a miniature replica of some famous Italian monuments, made with Lego bricks.

In order to enter, it is necessary to buy a combined ticket for Gardaland Park and the water park and tickets can be purchased directly from the ticket offices of Gardaland, inside the park itself or online. To guarantee the safety of younger visitors, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults, in turn, may only enter the park as companions of one or more children.


Movieland – The Hollywood Park

Movieland is the first and most important amusement park in Italy dedicated entirely to the world of cinema. It is part of the CanevaWorld group and is located next to the Caneva Aquapark, in the nearby town of Lazise. The park is meticulously themed in every corner, so much so that you will feel as if you are walking through the settings of the greatest and most iconic films in Hollywood history.

Movieland’s pride and joy are undoubtedly the various stunt shows, live performances in film sets with expert stuntmen performing breathtaking stunts on cars, motorbikes or speedboats, accompanied by explosions and other incredible special effects. Occasionally you will meet actors embodying iconic film characters around the park for a brief moment of entertainment.

There are of course no shortage of attractions, all strictly cinema-themed, that will take you on fun and adrenaline-filled adventures, differentiated by type and minimum age group: Antares, Magma 2.1, Pangea, Kitt Superjet, Diabolik Invertigo and many more. What’s more, every year Movieland renews its offer, always adding unmissable novelties.

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Caneva Aquapark

Also belonging to the CanevaWorld complex, this themed water park is one of the best equipped in Italy and is located in Pacengo, in the municipality of Lazise. Caneva Aquapark is characterised by a pleasant and immersive tropical atmosphere: the white sandy beaches, lush palm trees, crystal-clear water and music will make you believe you have been catapulted into a Caribbean paradise.

The highlight of the park are the attractions, i.e. many carefully themed slides that will please the whole family: many provide fun for the little ones, while others offer the adrenalin rush sought by the older ones.

Among the most popular are Crazy River, Volcan Kamika, Frozen Bob and Stukas Boom, but you will be spoilt for choice. If you are looking for relaxation, we recommend lying on a sunbed in the shade of the palm trees or letting the waves lull you in the dedicated pools.

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Jungle Adventure Park

In San Zeno di Montagna, near Lake Garda, is the Jungle Adventure, an amazing adventure park surrounded by greenery. The park offers no less than seven courses suspended among the trees, surrounded by lush nature: they differ according to level of difficulty and minimum permitted age/height; starting from the baby course, suitable for children aged 3 to 6, up to the black course, for the more experienced and adrenalin lovers.

Once the introductory briefing is over, in which experienced staff will hand over the necessary equipment and teach you how to use it safely, you can finally set off on an adventure and juggle exciting zip lines, various types of suspension bridges, lianas, climbing nets and small ladders. The creativity of the available rides and the extreme competence of the staff will give you an adrenaline-filled and unforgettable experience.

The Jungle Adventure park is ideal for families and school groups, but also for adults and company outings aimed at team building.

Scattered around the Benaco area there are also other adventure parks similar to Jungle Adventure, such as Busatte Adventure in Nago-Torbole, La Quiete Adventure Park in Lonato, Rimbalzello Adventure in Salò and Flying Frogs in Tignale.

Cavour Water Park

This large, award-winning water park is located in Valeggio sul Mincio, not far from Lake Garda. Over the years, the Cavour has consolidated its reputation as one of Italy’s best water parks, making it the perfect destination for summer days with friends and family full of fun and relaxation.

The park offers several areas dedicated to children and kids, such as the Water Lagoon, a large structure with slides, bridges and a huge barrel that sprays water. Cavour’s slides, such as the much-loved multicoloured Iceberg, satisfy the needs of children and adults, while we recommend the Kamikaze for those in search of adrenaline and high speed.

There are, of course, no shortage of relaxation areas for those who want to get some rest: to this end, we recommend trying out the sensory and wellness path. Finally, don’t miss Palm Beach, a natural oasis with palm trees and soft, crystal-clear white sand from Egypt, which features a circular basin of crystal-clear water with a small island in the centre.

parchi divertimento lago garda

Thanks to the wide range of theme parks and attractions for every age group, Lake Garda is confirmed as an ideal destination for spending fun-filled days.

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