Piste ciclabili sul Lago di Garda

Bike paths on Lake Garda

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The Lake Garda area, with its wonderful shores and the lush natural landscapes of the hinterland, is the perfect destination for those who love the outdoors and wish to make a special cycling excursion.

You can choose from a wide variety of routes, all of which can be covered without great difficulty even by the less well-trained. You might also consider hiring an electric bike, with which you will no longer have to fear any climbs.

The 7 best cycling routes on Lake Garda

1- Peschiera-Garda cycle path (18.3 km)

The first route we recommend, on the south-eastern shore of the lake, consists of a beautiful lakeside cycle path from Peschiera to Garda. It is a completely flat route of almost 20 kilometres, suitable for everyone, which starts from the Porta Verona area in Peschiera del Garda. In addition to the constant proximity to the waters of the lake, the route is enhanced by passing through some of the most fascinating and renowned localities of the entire Garda area, such as Lazise and Bardolino, before finally reaching Garda.

Please note that for a 3-kilometre stretch, from Fossalta to Lazise, you will be forced to move from the lakefront to the Garda road: if you want to avoid car traffic and the like altogether, we recommend starting the route directly from Lazise.

ciclabili sul lago di garda
ciclabili sul lago di garda

2- Brenzone-Malcesine cycle path (20km)

Going up the Veronese shore, here is another enchanting lakeside cycle path on Lake Garda, connecting the towns of Brenzone and Malcesine. Here too, the route measures 20 kilometres, is not at all demanding and offers breathtaking views of Lake Garda along the way. We recommend making at least one stop at one of the wonderful little beaches along the shore, which are considered to be among the most beautiful of all on the lake.

Always with the majestic castle of Malcesine as a landmark of the final destination, you will pass through no less than ten small villages, where you can stop for a pleasant restorative break.

percorsi bici lago di garda
percorsi bici lago di garda

3- Torbole-Riva del Garda cycle path (3.5 km)

We now arrive in the north, on the Trentino shore of Lake Garda. The short cycle path connecting Torbole to Riva del Garda measures 3.5 kilometres, is flat and completely asphalted: all elements that make it easy to ride and suitable for everyone, even the youngest. With a constant and spectacular panorama of Lake Garda, the route will amaze you as it leads you over pretty little bridges and through lush gardens.

4- Ponale Path (6/10km)

This route, which connects Riva del Garda to Lake Ledro, is one of the most popular and evocative in the entire Garda area: for the most part it is carved directly into the rock of the mountain slopes overlooking Lake Garda. Open to both cyclists and pedestrians, this special path with its breathtaking views also takes you through some fascinating little tunnels.

When you come to a fork in the road, you can choose to stop at Pregasina, which overlooks Lake Garda (6 kilometres, walkable in 2 hours), or you can go as far as Lake Ledro (10 kilometres, walkable in 3-4 hours). Both options present a gentle but steady climb, making them accessible to all without great difficulty.

We recommend checking in advance whether the path is open, as it is often closed for maintenance work.

Piste ciclabili sul Lago di Garda
Piste ciclabili sul Lago di Garda

5- Suspended cycle and pedestrian path of Limone sul Garda (2.5 km)

Inaugurated in 2018, this particular panoramic cycle-pedestrian path consists of a metal structure attached to the mountainside and suspended directly over the waters of Lake Garda. Open to pedestrians and cyclists, it is the perfect choice for those who also have children with them thanks to the 10km/h speed limit.

This unique and unforgettable route currently measures 2.5 kilometres, starts in the centre of Limone sul Garda and goes all the way to the Trentino border, but plans call for it to be extended further.

Ciclopedonale sospesa di Limone sul Garda
Ciclopedonale sospesa di Limone sul Garda

6- Valtenesi cycling route (23.4 km)

This wonderful route through the Brescian hills of the Valtenesi valley takes you past delightful fields of olive trees and vineyards, as well as charming old farmhouses. Approximately 20 kilometres long, it starts in Lonato del Garda and goes all the way to beautiful Salò, passing also by the famous Castle of Padenghe.

It is not a proper cycle path, as it also passes secondary roads open to traffic, but vehicles are rarely encountered and it is recommended, with due care, even for those with children with them.

lago di garda piste ciclabili
lago di garda piste ciclabili

7- Desenzano-Sirmione-Peschiera cycle path (20 km)

We conclude by returning to the southern shore of Lake Garda, with a simple, flat route, most of which is just a stone’s throw from the water. Starting in Desenzano del Garda, this track, which is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, stretches for 10 kilometres to the unmissable historic centre of Sirmione and its majestic castle. Then, continuing for another 10 kilometres, you will arrive in Peschiera: whether you decide to go this far or to stop in Sirmione, in either case you have the option of taking a ferry back to Desenzano.

ciclabili garda
ciclabili garda

The cycle paths of Lake Garda are a true paradise for two-wheel enthusiasts, offering a perfect combination of spectacular nature and well-structured routes. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a hiking enthusiast, these trails will give you endless thrills, allowing you to explore the wonders of the lake and its picturesque surroundings.

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