Spiagge per cani sul lago di Garda

Dog Friendly Beaches at Lake Garda

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Would you like to spend a beautiful sunny day relaxing and having fun in the company of your four-legged friends? Fear not, on Lake Garda you will find amazing beaches that will suit you, whether they are private and equipped or freely accessible stretches.

Follow us in this list of the best dog-friendly beaches on Lake Garda:

Braccobaldo Beach in Peschiera

Let’s start in Peschiera del Garda, which is home to Braccobaldo Beach, one of the most famous and best equipped dog beaches on Lake Garda. With the hire of deckchairs and beach umbrella, you will receive a free sunbed perfect for your dog and a very useful kit that includes a bowl, a small blanket and bags for your dog’s needs (for which there is a special fenced area).

In special situations the experienced staff may ask you to have your dog wear a muzzle, so please remember to bring it with you.

The beach is open daily from 9:30 to 19:00 and, due to its small size, we recommend that you book your place in advance.

spiagge per cani lago di garda
photo: Braccobaldo Beach - Facebook

Fido Beach in Manerba

We move to the Brescia shore, to Manerba del Garda, to talk about the Fido Beach: it is a free-entry beach where every dog is welcome, regardless of size and breed. Here you can decide to rent a sunbed and umbrella, and you will also have at your disposal perfect items for your four-legged friends such as bowls, mats and bags for their needs.

Fido Beach is also famous for organising fun and educational activities, all organised and supervised by expert staff: dog education lessons, lessons to introduce dogs to water and swimming, and many other fun games.

Salò dog beach

Located in the territory of the charming Salò, this beach for dogs is not as well equipped as the others on this list, but is nevertheless entirely reserved for those who want to spend time with their dogs in complete freedom, without fear of incurring any prohibitions or fines. The beach includes gravel and green areas, making it perfect for playing and doing some training exercises. Here you can dive into the water to swim and have fun peacefully with your furry friends.

Bau Beach in Toscolano Maderno

This beach for dogs is located near Toscolano Maderno, near the famous Cartiera. Bau Beach guests will be offered a very useful kit including a small umbrella to protect dogs from excessive exposure to the sun, bags for their needs, and bowls for food and water. Here you can play and have fun with your dog in complete safety, thanks to the presence of an experienced volunteer lifeguard.

lago di garda spiagge per cani
lago di garda spiagge per cani

Other dog-friendly beaches on Lake Garda

We have presented the best beaches specifically dedicated to dogs, but these are not the only options for spending a day on the shores of Lake Garda in their company. In fact, you should know that any beach that does not have an explicit prohibition sign or signal is accessible to dogs, although you should still be very careful. Generally, a leash, bags to collect your dog’s needs and sometimes a muzzle are compulsory, all for the safety and peace of mind of other bathers. We advise you to always consult the municipal regulations for your chosen beach.
Here is a list of beaches on Lake Garda where dogs are not allowed:
  • Torbole: on the Conca d’Oro lakefront
  • Malcesine: in the Val di Sogno and Campagnola areas.
  • Torri del Benaco: free beaches in the direction of Garda and Pai.
  • Garda: dogs only allowed in the absence of other bathers.
  • Bardolino: free beach in the direction of Garda, dogs only allowed in the absence of other bathers.
  • Lazise: free beach in the direction of Peschiera and in front of the municipal camping.
  • Castelnuovo del Garda: free beach between Porto Campanello and Gardaland.
  • Sirmione: only short stretches and on a leash.
  • Desenzano: stretch of coast between Spiaggia d’Oro and Porto di Rivoltella.
  • Moniga: in the beach of Via Mazzane, in the one near the harbour and in the one near Camping Fontanelle.
  • Gargnano: Viale Rimembranza beach, near Palazzo Feltrinelli.
Ready to experience a super fun holiday on Lake Garda with your faithful furry friend?
Spiaggia per cani lago di Garda
Spiaggia per cani lago di Garda (1)
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