Limone sul Garda

What to see in Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda, the northernmost municipality on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, is one of the most popular locations for tourists and visitors for its fascinating views and enchanting beaches. Located on the border with Trentino Alto-Adige, it attracts countless surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts every year, due to the favourable winds that characterise the entire northern coast of the lake.

The village of Limone is immersed in a wonderful Mediterranean landscape, rich in olive and citrus trees.

Curiosity: Contrary to how it may seem, the name ‘Limone’ does not derive from the fruit of the same name: in fact, there are those who believe that it derives from ‘limo’, i.e. ‘elm’, or, more likely, from ‘limen’, indicating the border area between the territory of Brescia and the ancient jurisdiction of the bishop of Trento.


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What to see in Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda is one of the most fascinating towns in the entire Garda area: directly overlooking the lake, it offers phenomenal views, also thanks to its numerous panoramic viewpoints. Its territory is also rich in places of interest of great historical, artistic and cultural value.

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Here are some tips on the best things to see in Limone sul Garda:

Church of San Rocco

This small church is located north of the historical centre of Limone, and can be reached by climbing a steep flight of steps that is decorated with colourful flowers in fine weather. The church of San Rocco was built in the 16th century as a sign of thanksgiving by the inhabitants of Limone for having escaped the plague epidemic that struck the whole of northern Italy at that time.

The exterior is very simple and clean, while the interior has precious decorations, among which the wonderful fresco in the apse at the back depicting Mary and Saints Roch and Sebastian stands out.

It is a must-see also because of the special elevated position of the church, which offers its visitors a wonderful view of Limone and Lake Garda.

Church of San Pietro

The church of San Pietro is the oldest in Limone, as it is believed to have been erected around the 9th century. It is situated within a delightful park full of olive trees, which is why it is also known as ‘San Pietro in oliveto’.

The church presents a Romanesque style characterised by a general essentiality and simplicity: very small, with a single nave and a flat tile roof. The bell tower was intentionally demolished during the First World War, to prevent it from revealing the position of a nearby cannon to enemies. On the small cloister outside, commemorative inscriptions can be read concerning important events such as the plague in the 17th century or the defeat of Napoleon.

Finally, inside there are fine frescoes, including one depicting the Last Supper.

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Museum of Tourism

Inaugurated in 2011, the Tourism Museum aims to document and narrate the socio-economic evolution of the village of Limone sul Garda. In this sense, the construction of the Gardesana road, completed in 1931, was crucial: Limone went from being a small isolated village to becoming one of the most fascinating and popular tourist destinations around Lake Garda.

The museum also focuses in particular on the figure of Saint Daniele Comboni, a missionary and bishop born in this very village, and on the discovery of the Apolipoprotein A1-Milano, a particular genetic mutation at the basis of the high resistance of some over-centenarian inhabitants of Limone against heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

Castèl lemon house

Lemon houses are special terraced structures that allow citrus fruits to be grown throughout the year, even in the colder seasons, thanks to a system of pillars and beams.

In Limone, the first lemon houses were built in the 17th century and for a long time took on a fundamental commercial role that has now been lost, exporting products even to Germany, Poland and Russia.

The best known of the lemon houses in this area is the Limonaia del Castèl, dating back to the 18th century. The structure was purchased in 1995 by the Limone municipality, which restored it and put it back into operation. Visiting the lemon house, one can discover the scents and aromas of the many types of citrus fruits grown, including lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, chinottos and more.

Things to do in Limone sul Garda

Lakefront cycle path

2018 saw the inauguration of this beautiful panoramic track that runs along Lake Garda, which can be used both on foot and by bicycle. At present, the track starts from the centre of Limone and goes on for about 2.5 km, as far as the border with Trentino: the plan is to extend it until it covers the entire perimeter of the lake, in a spectacular loop.

Even now the route, which sets a speed limit for bicycles of 10km/h, is perfect for families and offers priceless views, especially in some sections where it is suspended directly above the water of the lake.

The beaches of Limone sul Garda

Limone has a number of picturesque beaches overlooking the clear waters of Lake Garda, an ideal destination for lovers of summer relaxation or for sailing or surfing enthusiasts.

The best beaches in Limone sul Garda, from south to north, are:

-Tifù Beach: a free pebble beach near the Garda Camping. Here is the headquarters of the Circolo Vela Limone del Garda, which offers sailing and surfing courses.

-Beach Fonte Torrente San Giovanni: a free pebbly beach. Nearby there is also a surf school and a beautiful beach volleyball court.

-Cola Beach: a free pebble beach very close to the centre of Limone, with the possibility of hiring pedal boats for a trip around the lake.

-Grostol beach: a large free beach close to the centre of Limone, perfect for families thanks to comfortable shady green areas.

-Dog beach: towards Sopino, it is perfect for those travelling with their four-legged friends, as it has an area reserved for dogs.

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Excursion Le Calchere

For those who enjoy trekking, depending on their level of fitness, there are several interesting paths and hikes starting from Limone. One example is the one that goes into the Singol Valley, to discover the ancient calchere: large vat-shaped furnaces that were once used to produce lime. This excursion is of medium difficulty and lasts about two and a half hours.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Course

The part of the Lake Garda coastline from Limone to Malcesine is considered a paradise for water sports enthusiasts such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to its particular and constant winds. If you have never practised these sports or if you want to practice, you can turn to one of the many schools in Limone for fun specialised courses for both children and adults.

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Limone sul Garda and surroundings

Limone sul Garda is the last town on the Brescia coast north of Lake Garda: it borders Riva del Garda and Ledro to the north and Tremosine to the south. Without having to travel long distances, these beautiful locations can be reached quickly by car, or by bicycle along spectacular scenic roads.

It is also advisable to use the ferry to visit other locations around Lake Garda, such as the picturesque Malcesine, famous for its Scaligero Castle and cable car to Monte Baldo.

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Limone Lago di Garda: FAQ

-By car

A4 motorway (Milan-Venice), Brescia Est exit. Then take the ring road in the direction of Lago-Madonna di Campiglio-Salò; once in Salò, follow the signs for Riva del Garda until you reach Limone.

-By train

The nearest railway stations are those of Desenzano and Riva del Garda. From both you can easily reach Limone thanks to the Riva del Garda/Desenzano and Riva del Garda/Brescia bus lines.

-By plane

The closest airports to Limone sul Garda are Brescia’s Gabriele D’Annunzio Airport, Verona’s Valerio Catullo Airport and Orio al Serio Airport (Bergamo). From your chosen airport, you can use public transport services or hire a car to reach Limone sul Garda.

-By ferry

It is possible to reach Limone sul Garda from other locations on the lake by ferry. You can check timetables and fares with the Lake Garda shipping company.

Here is where to park your car in Limone sul Garda:

-Lakefront Car Park: in Via Lungolago Guglielmo Marconi 40, convenient paid parking during the high season, free throughout the rest of the year.

-Multi-storey car park: in Via Lungolago Marconi 50, on the lakeside and for a fee.

-Parking at Via IV Novembre 31: very close to the centre, for a fee.

-Parking at Via Fasse 6: free parking with time disc, parking for up to two hours.

If it rains during your holiday in Limone sul Garda, take the opportunity to go shopping in the local boutiques or visit the interior of the various churches.

Or you could dedicate yourself to cultural activities such as visiting the Museum of Tourism, or the Fishermen’s Museum, at the Limonaia di Villa Boghi. In Limone, the birthplace of St Daniel Comboni, there is also the interesting Comboni Mission Centre, which also contains the Museum of Curiosities.

In addition to its enchanting views, Limone is mainly known for its historic lemon houses, but also for being a popular destination for windsurfers and kitesurfers, and for the recent construction of the cycle-pedestrian track on the lake.

Limone sul Garda is located in the region of Lombardy, in the province of Brescia. It is located near the border with Trentino, and is one of the most popular and popular destinations on Lake Garda.

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