lago di garda quando piove

What to do on Lake Garda when it rains

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One of the few things that can spoil a vacation is undoubtedly adverse weather. It can happen in any season. So, whether you find yourself on Lake Garda in the height of summer or during autumn, rain and unfavorable weather conditions could easily dampen your spirits. What to do, then, on Lake Garda when it rains? Don’t worry, fortunately, there are numerous indoor alternatives in case of rain, and all of them are very fulfilling, we assure you. So, let’s discover together the main options if it should rain during your stay on Lake Garda.

Family Fun

• In Castelnuovo del Garda, there is the first themed aquarium in Italy. The Sea Life Aquarium is located just a few steps away from the famous amusement park Gardaland. It features 40 themed tanks, allowing you to dive, quite literally, from the freshwater of the lake to the depths of vast oceans.

Through large windows, domes, and transparent tunnels, you’ll enjoy up-close encounters with a hundred species of marine creatures. Undoubtedly, it’s a fantastic adventure for both adults and children, where kids under one meter tall enter for free!

• In Riva del Garda, right in the city center, Reptiland offers a comprehensive display of reptiles, including some of the most deadly snakes, insects, and butterflies from all over the world. The museum has a vintage feel but is well-maintained and well-stocked. It’s a great place to stimulate curiosity and delve into learning for both adults and children.

Museums and Culture

• For culture and local products enthusiasts, a visit to the Wine Museum in Bardolino is a must. It is housed in the F.lli Zeni winery since 1991. The museum offers a free tour showcasing equipment and techniques of the winemaking tradition. It is divided into thematic areas that cover everything from the grape harvest to bottling and from aging to distribution.

Unique in Italy, the olfactory gallery will surprise you with the scents of wine that tell its connection with the land. It’s an immersive experience for one of the most overlooked human senses: smell. Since the entry is limited to a small group of people, reservations are recommended.

During the visit, thanks to two state-of-the-art dispensers, you can taste up to eight different wines, completely free of charge! It’s an excellent way to get to know the Zeni winery’s products and find the one that suits your taste and preferences. And after the tasting, why not be tempted to purchase a bottle at the sales point.

• One of the most illustrious private museums in Europe opened its doors in 2000 in Villafranca di Verona. The Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology, and Mechanics aims to illustrate the evolution of transportation means such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and airplanes over the past two centuries. Additionally, it exhibits cameras, musical instruments, typewriters, and numerous rare and curious objects. Not to be missed!

• In Desenzano del Garda, the Archaeological Civic Museum Giovanni Rambotti offers a journey through the prehistoric cultures that succeeded in the region. Don’t miss the world’s oldest plow, preserved here.

• In Arco (Trentino), you’ll find a real gem, or should we say “cof-FEE”: the Omkafè Museum. It is a sensory journey dedicated to one of the most consumed and well-known drinks in the world: coffee. You can touch raw coffee beans with your hands, learn about different varieties, and discover secrets about extraction methods. You’ll have the opportunity to admire the first coffee makers and immerse yourself in secret recipes and ancient stories. Free entry!

To discover more museums on Lake Garda, also read our article: “Museums: Discovering Traditions.”


A vacation often goes hand in hand with relaxation, but if the rain prevents you from lounging in the sun along the beautiful beaches, a day at the thermal spas will surely lift your spirits. So, in case of rain on Lake Garda, you can take refuge here: • Aquaria Thermal SPA in Sirmione is a thermal center surrounded by a lush park and Lake Garda. It offers indoor and outdoor thermal pools and a wide range of personalized treatments. • Villa dei Cedri in Colà di Lazise is a thermal park and wellness center, as well as a reputable sports rehabilitation center with physiotherapy, osteopathy, and kinesiology programs. • The thermal and SPA center at Hotel Caesius in Bardolino is the ideal place to promote body and mind health. It features saunas, thermal center, SPA, and an Ayurvedic medicine center. Open all year round, it offers an elegant and refined environment. • Aquardens in Pescantina (province of Verona) allows you to immerse yourself in the numerous benefits of thermal balneotherapy. • If, on the other hand, relaxation rhymes with taste for you, and nothing relaxes you more than a good glass of wine, then you can seek refuge in one of the many wineries in the area. Discover one of Lake Garda’s most famous wines: Bardolino wine, with a wine tour that will take you through the methods and techniques of production and the traditions related to wine. To top it off, a wine tasting with the guidance of a professional sommelier awaits you.

Sport & Fun

• Fasten your seatbelts! The Go Kart track in Affi (VR) is waiting for you to compete safely. Suitable for both experienced drivers and beginners, for adults and children over seven years old. Open all year round, reservation is required.

• Moving to Trentino, indoor climbing gyms are ready to welcome you to teach or improve your climbing skills:

  1. Arco climbing gym, in Arco. Suitable for adults but designed for children and teenagers. Reservation is recommended, and it’s only open in case of bad weather.
  2. Bellesini gym in Vezzano, also in the province of Trento. Besides climbing, it also offers ample spaces for volleyball, basketball, and five-a-side soccer. Reservation is required.
  3. Campfour Boulder in Pietramurata (TN). The gym, with its 500 square meters of climbable walls, is divided by difficulty levels. There is a room reserved for the youngest climbers to experiment in complete safety. Closed on weekends, open only in case of bad weather.

Furthermore, for climbing enthusiasts, New Rock in San Zeno Naviglio, Brescia, offers indoor courses for adults and children. From beginner to advanced levels, with the option of private lessons. The center has changing rooms, a bar, and a shop. They also organize outdoor activities.

We hope your stay on Lake Garda will be blessed with sunshine! If not, as you can see, boredom won’t catch you unprepared.

P.S. Don’t forget your umbrella! 😉

Other things to see on Lake Garda:

Bardolino, a municipality on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, is one of the towns on the lake that attracts the most visitors throughout the year.

Garda is also rich in history and tradition, as witnessed by the various buildings and places of interest that you should not miss during your visit.

Malcesine, the northernmost municipality on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, is one of the most popular destinations for visitors who flock to the lake in large numbers every year.

A cradle of art and history that traces its origins back to the Bronze Age, this culturally rich town will offer you numerous treasures, all waiting to be discovered!

Discover the towns of Lake Garda