What to do on Lake Garda

Thanks to its strategic position, Lake Garda is able to satisfy everyone’s needs through unique experiences that will make your holiday unforgettable.
Visit the characteristic villages in the area rich in history and culture, discover the numerous paths around the lake, dedicate yourself to your favourite sport, or relax in nature.

The thermal parks of Lake Garda are an excellent alternative to the beaches; ideal for those who want to treat themselves to

Your best friend is getting married and you want to organise one last big evening before the wedding in his or her

The tradition of the weekly market is very much felt throughout the Garda area, and each municipality has its own: for residents

Would you like to spend a beautiful sunny day relaxing and having fun in the company of your four-legged friends? Fear not,

The Lake Garda area, with its wonderful shores and the lush natural landscapes of the hinterland, is the perfect destination for those

Garda trails: our top 10 The Lake Garda area is the ideal place to spend a wonderful day out and enjoy spectacular scenic

The Lake Garda area is rich in possibilities for those in search of a destination to spend days with family or friends

Lake Garda beaches: the top 10 The crystal-clear waters and enchanting beaches of Lake Garda make it a favourite destination for Italian

Discover the towns of Lake Garda